Day 1 ~ Applejack of his eye

Caught up in love by Jason Mordecai
A one year anniversary party
22nd of January ~ 7pm
Dress code: Whatever feels comfortable
Things to bring: A drink, and a copy of the novel
Food, and good music will be provided
All are welcome

Mary stared at the invitation, and couldn’t resist a sigh. Although she disliked parties, as a member of the book club, she was obligated to attend. She thought about what drink to bring. Since it was a party, for adults, the president of the book club, Lisette, was expecting alcohol. Mary hadn’t drunk alcohol in her life, except the occasional sip of wine, every now and then, which she had claimed was too bitter for words. No, she definitely wasn’t bringing wine to the party. She had to think of something tasty, flavoursome, and kind of different. She searched up a list of alcohols, and flicked through all her choices, not knowing what to pick, but finally deciding on applejack. Having never tried applejack, she wondered whether or not it tasted like apple juice. Hesitantly, she walked into the liquor store, next to the book store.

John was stacking wine bottles onto the shelves when he heard a cough, and a soft, “Excuse me.”
He turned around to the short girl, with a smile, and replied, “Yes? How may I help you?”
At that moment he felt she was one of the most beautiful girls he had seen, and his heart fluttered. He wasn’t a big believer in love at first sight, but he felt that he was already falling for a girl he had only met for less than ten seconds. He shook his head, to get rid of the feeling. Such a fantastical idea was only for dreamers.
Mary fiddled with her hat, and asked, “Do you have a bottle of applejack?”
He looked at her strangely. “Applejack? That’s an odd choice.” He silently wondered whether or not she knew what she was talking about.
“It’s for a party,” she explained, as if reading his mind.
Something clicked in his mind. “Oh! The anniversary party! Next door?”
She nodded, “Now may I please-“
He interrupted her, “Applejack isn’t appropriate for such a party, my dear. Why don’t you bring a six pack of beer?”

She rolled her eyes, at the rhyme but followed him, as he led her otthe beer, and purchased what he thought was appropriate. It was not like she knew anyway. At the counter, John scribbled his phone number, on the receipt, and grinned while saying, “I do have to say, you are the applejack of my eye.”
Mary sighed at his attempt to joke, muttering, “How clichéd,” as she walked out of the liquor store.
With a slight smile on his lips, John whispered, “This is not the last I will be seeing of you.”


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