Day 3 ~ Caught up in love

John, and Mary sat in a cafe, discussing their preferences in books.
“I love romance stories!” John gushed.
Mary grimaced, as she took a sip of her vanilla rooibos tea. “I don’t.”
“Oh come on, Mary! Caught up in love is a masterpiece!” John protested.
“Not really.” she shrugged. “It’s kind of predictable, which isn’t exciting. Not really my thing.”
John frowned at her response, sporting a white moustache from his latte. “Have you even read it?”
Mary passed him a tissue, and shook her head. “No. Don’t really need to. I mean, it’s super obvious that Peter, and Emily get-”
He interrupted her, clearly disappointed, “No they don’t.”
She looked at him with a surprised look. “They don’t?”
“Mary, how could you go to that party, without reading the novel?!” he exclaimed.
Mary sighed. “I was part of the book club. I’m obligated to-”
“You’re part of the book club, and you haven’t read that masterpiece? Mary… You are a disappointment to the book club.”
Seeing as he hadn’t wiped off his white latte moustache, she distracted him by leaning over, and wiping it off herself.

There was silence between them, for a while, as they both drained their drinks. Mary picked at the chiffon cake between them, but it was clear that neither of them were going to finish it. John considered leaving when Mary spoke up, though quietly.
“What happens to Peter, and Emily?”
“Sorry?” John looked at her queerly, “What happens to Peter, and Emily?” she repeated, actually curious as to how she had messed up her prediction of the ending.
“Oh Emily ditches Peter, because she figures that she deserves better.” John answered.
Mary felt that there was more to the story than that. “And?”
“And Emily ends up with Ross.” John continued. “They get married. The end.”
Mary stared at him. How could she have missed such a big character like Ross? Coming to her senses, she rolled her eyes, and commented, “That’s even worse.”
John shook his head. “That’s where you’re wrong, Mary. That’s what makes Caught up in love such a masterpiece.”
“I don’t think so.” she replied.
John let out a belly full of laughter. “You don’t know anything about romance.”
She shrugged. “I suppose not.”
He smiled smugly, “Well I guess I’ll have to show you.”


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