Day 4 ~ A challenge of love

John and Mary were taking a walk through the park, when John suddenly turned to her.
She raised her eyebrow in curiosity.
He considered what he was going to say for a moment before taking a deep breath and asking, “What would you say if I asked you to give you a week for me to fall in love with you?”
Mary chuckled, “That’s absurd, John. You can’t fall in love with someone in a week!”
John put his hands on his hips childishly. “Try me.”
This made Mary laugh. “Good luck. But just a warning, I don’t think anyone would be stupid enough to fall in love with me.”
John looked at her, wondering who wouldn’t fall in love with her. “Why?”
Mary stammered, “Um.. Um.. Uh..”
“There.” John said, defiantly, “You don’t have an answer.”
Mary glared at him, but her expression then softened. “No. It’s just that I’m not really girlfriend material.”
John grinned, “I’ll take you up on that.”


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