Day 10 ~Love is a great adventure

John, and Mary were wandering around the bookstore, after Mary’s shift.
“Mary, you prefer adventure, and fantasy novels right?” John asked.
“Yeah.” Mary replied, “Why?”
John furrowed his eyebrow. “Then how come you don’t like romance novels?”
Mary narrowed her eyes. “You know why, John. I find them too predictable, and not the least bit exciting.”
John laughed, “But Mary,” he placed Caught up in love in her hands, “love is a great adventure. It’s probably the greatest and most exciting adventure there is!”
“Prove it.” Mary crossed her arms.
John leaned in close, and breathed on her face. “Only if you read that.”
“Hmmm… what if I treated you to chiffon cake?” John attempted bribery.
Mary considered it. “No. You already ruined it for me anyway.” She put the book back on the shelf.
John picked it up. “I’ll buy you the book, a drink, and a slice of chiffon cake. Besides Mary, you haven’t even read it. How do you know I didn’t lie to you about it?”
“What would you gain from lying to me about the ending?” Mary asked, raising her eyebrow.
“Distrust.” John quipped.
“Exactly.” Mary replied, “Which is why you’ll be buying me a drink, a slice of chiffon cake, the book, and telling me why love is such a great adventure at a nice cafe.”


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