Day 11 ~ Cafe Confessions

John, and Mary sat in a cafe. John had bought Mary, Caught up in love,  as well as the drink, and slice of chiffon cake that he had promised her.
Mary crossed her arms at him. “You lied to me.”
John feigned innocence. “About what?”
“There is no such character as Ross. Peter and Emily do get together.” Mary retorted.
John grinned. “See? That’s something you would know if you’d read the book.”
Mary rolled her eyes. “I didn’t need to read the book to know that.”
There was a short pause, as Mary ate a forkful of cake, and sipped on her tea. John leaned over, and slyly took a forkful of cake.

“Mary.” John began slowly, chewing on the piece of cake. “Do you remember when I asked you to give me a week to fall in love with you?”
Mary laughed. “Yeah. Why?”
“Mary… I think.. I think I’m in love with you.”
Mary sighed. “Out of all your lame jokes, John, this is running a bit dry.”
“I’m serious.” John insisted.
Mary sighed, and there was another silence between them.
“Sorry Mary.” John finally apologised. “I shouldn’t have rushed it.”
“Even Peter didn’t confess until the thirteenth chapter…” Mary said pensively.
“Should I have waited two days?” John joked.
Mary gave him a look.
“Alright! I was joking.” John held up his hands in mock surrender.
“Give me a week.” Mary said. “We’ll see.”
“Deal. A week then.”


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