Day 13 ~ “Internet Cuts”

February 3rd, 2:12PM

John is calling…

Mary: Hi John!
John: Hey. I just finished my shift at work. Are you free?
Mary: Hmmm… Not right now. I’m studying for my literature exam.
John: Can I come over and help?
Mary: Are you really going to help?
John: Sure. I know everything about Caught up in love.
Mary: I’m not studying that.
John: Oh. Then I guess I can’t.
Mary: Well then. I guess you can come over then.
John: Sure. And Mary, I lo-

Call ended. 2:16PM

Mary: John? John?

Text from John (2:30PM): Sorry, internet cut.
Text from Mary (2:31PM): From phone calling?!
Text from John (2:32PM): Yeah
Text from Mary (2:34PM): I-
Text from John (2:37PM): Mary? Mary, you what?
Text from John (3:02PM): Mary, what happened?

John is calling…

Mary: Hi!
John: What happened?
Mary: Oh sorry, there was an internet cut.
John: On text?
Mary: Mhm.
John: Mary I lo-

Call ended 3:11PM

Mary: Oh boy it’s another one of those internet cut thingys.



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