Day 15 ~ Craving crabsticks

January 5, 5:55PM

Text from John (5:55PM): Mary, guess what I’m craving?
Text from Mary (5:56PM): Is this another invitation for dinner?
Text from John (5:57PM): Maybe.
Text from Mary (5:59PM): Very well.What are you craving?
Text from John (6:00PM): Crabsticks! You know, like in sushi!
Text from Mary (6:02PM): That’s funny. I’m actually eating that right now…
Text from John (6:04PM): Is that an invitation for me to visit you?
Text from Mary (6:05PM): Maybe.
Text from John (6:05PM): Great! I’ll see you there!

Mary heard a ring on the doorbell, and got up to answer it. “John! What a lovely surprise.”
“Where are the crabsticks?” John asked, looking around her to where he expected the dining table to be.
“In my stomach.” Mary replied, getting her coat.
“Bloody Mary! I hope you’re joking.” John narrowed his eyes. “And if you are, I’ll tell you right now that it wasn’t funny.”
“Well good thing I’m not joking then.” Mary smiled.
“But you said you were eating crabsticks.”John pointed out.
“I was joking.” Mary grinned.
“That was a joke in bad taste.” John shook his head. “So now what?”
“My original plan.” Mary sighed. “You take me out for dinner.”
“For crabsticks?” John asked.
“Sure. If that’s what you’re craving.?” Mary chuckled.
“My treat.”


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