Day 18 ~ Notes by Mary

About Caught up in Love
Written by Mary

Caught up in love by Jason Mordecai is a bestselling novel, that recently got adapted into a film. The story is about Peter, and Emily, two vastly different characters that no doubt fall in love with each other, and live “happily ever after”. Caught up in love is a novel that is considered better than Romeo, and Juliet, and has captured the hearts of people, old, and young, worldwide.

Of course, all it’s done for this town is make everyone so irritatingly lovesick. I’m extremely disappointed that novels that have been released after this bestseller have had romantic elements that are both cliched, and cringeworthy. I have little to no interest in this romantic bestseller, let alone the ripoffs that have been released afterward. It was book I hadn’t intended to read… Until John came along.


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