Day 20 ~ A forgettable taste

John and Mary had decided to make a cake together at Mary’s place. Neither of them had baked before but Mary was convinced that if they followed a recipe, it would be fine.
“So that’s two hundred grams of sugar… and three cups of flour.” Mary recited, as they tipped the previously prepared ingredients into a large, stainless steel bowl.
“What were we making again?” John asked, having not really paid attention to Mary talk about how she had always wanted to make a vanilla cake.
Mary sighed, exasperatedly, as she stirred the ingredients in the bowl. “Weren’t you listening?”
“Yes, of course I was listening.” John replied, “Your voice is so nice to listen to.”
“But you don’t remember?” Mary raised her eyebrow.
“I have a bad memory.” John replied, in defence.
“How convenient.”

They finally put the bake in the oven, and had time to wait before it was done.
A smile played on Mary’s lips. “Do you remember what we made?”
John sighed in response, “Vanilla cake.”
Mary grinned. “What did you just put in the oven?”
John sighed again. “Vanilla cake. Mary, what are you getting at?”
“I’m just proving to you that your memory isn’t that bad. And there’s no way that you’ll be able to forget the taste of this vanilla cake. It’ll be so wonderful that you’ll remember it forever.” Mary gushed.
She was wrong.

Despite the vanilla essence, the vanilla cake did not taste vaguely like vanilla, nor was it soft, or sweet. It was nothing like Mary had imagined, or had eaten. The cake was largely, a disappointment to Mary.
However, John had a smile on his lips. “This… is a forgettable taste.”


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