Day 23 ~ Mary’s birthday

Mary lay on John’s shoulder. “What day is it?” she asked, eagerly.
“Monday.” John replied, not knowing what she was getting at.
“What’s the date?” she pressed.
“February 13th. Oh! Happy Birthday Mary!” John hugged her.
“And you’re working today.” Mary pouted. “I guess I’ll have to eat cake all by myself then.”
John looked at her. She was guilt tripping him.
He sighed. “Fine. I’ll call up Daniel, and tell him I’m not coming.”
She squealed in delight. “What do you want to do then?”
“How about we just watch movies for the entire day?” he suggested.
“Sure!” she giggled. “What movie what do you want to watch?”
“I don’t mind. I don’t feel like watching anything in particular.”
Mary gave him a look. “You feel like watching movies all day, but you don’t feel like anything in particular?”
“You’re unbelievable.”


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