Day 26 ~ It’s romantic…

“Joooohhhn!” Mary called after him. “You promised me a date today!”
John turned around and smiled at her. “Where to?”
“Anywhere you want.” she smiled, but it was clear she had a place in mind.
“You decide.” he insisted.
She beamed. “In that case, the ferris wheel.”
He bowed in mockery. “Your wish is my command.”
“Shut up.”

“Isn’t it just romantic? Being in a ferris wheel?” Mary breathed.
“Ha.” John snorted.
She gave him a confused look.
“You find it romantic.” he smirked.
“So?” she cocked her head.
“You don’t care about romance.” he crossed his arms.
She rolled her eyes. “That doesn’t mean I don’t find things romantic.”
“You find being alone with a guy in a ferris wheel romantic?” he asked.
“We’re alone, Mary.” John pointed out.
She panicked. “Um…. um…” She tried to change the subject. “The view is beautiful.”
He took a step forward. “Not as beautiful as you.”
She backed herself into the corner, and shivered, as he cornered her.
He took both her hands, and kissed her on the lips.
When they stopped to catch their breath, she smiled slightly, and said, “You stole my first kiss.”


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