Day 27 ~ Text me

Text from Mary (8:47AM): Text me.

Text from John (10:00AM): What happened?!

Text from Mary (10:01AM): You’re finally awake!

Text from John (10:01AM): ???

Text from Mary (10:02AM): Did you hear the news?

Text from John (10:02AM): What news?

Text from Mary (10:03AM): Someone broke into the liquor store

Text from John (10:03AM): Did they steal applejack?

Text from Mary (10:04AM): That was part of it. 

Text from John (10:04AM): Geez…

Text from Mary (10:06AM): I gather you’re working today. It won’t be pretty. I’ll be there after your shift.

Text from John (10:10AM): You think of everything. 


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