Day 30 ~ Worrying about John

Mary rolled over, in her bed. She couldn’t quite remember how she had gotten there, only that John had come over at a time when she felt distressed, and had tried to comfort her. She walked to the living room, where she thought that he might have slept on the couch, but he was gone. She furrowed her eyebrow, Where could he possibly be?
She picked up her phone, and tried to call him, but he didn’t reply.

Missed call from Mary. 8:57AM

She grabbed a coat, and put it on, hurrying through the morning drizzle, to look for John. She looked in what she thought was the most obvious place, the liquor store. But he wasn’t there, and he certainly hadn’t been assigned any shifts that day. She then spent the rest of the day, wandering to places that they had been. The ice skating rink, the Ferris wheel, the park, the cinema… He wasn’t in any of the places. Little did she know that since her phone was on silent, she had been missing calls from John

Missed call from John 9:31AM
Missed call from John 9:35AM
Missed call from John 10:11AM
Missed call from John 11:42AM

Frustrated, and extremely worried, Mary walked around the streets with her bent down, on the verge of giving up entirely. She walked into the cafe that she remembered John treating her to chiffon cake, and vanilla rooibos tea, and ordered the same thing. But before she could pay, a hand reached over and paid for her. She turned around. It was John.

“Where have you been?!” she exclaimed.
“What are you talking about?” John asked. “I was at home.”
This made Mary furious. “I was looking all over for you!”
“Mary,” said John, with a grin, “Sometimes you miss what is right under your nose.”


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