Day 31 ~ Helpless

“Mary… Are you crying again?” John asked.
“No.” Mary sniffed.
“Come on, Mary.” John made no move to comfort her. A sigh escaped his lips, and for the first time, he wondered when Mary had ever been this emotional, and why, he hadn’t realised it earlier. He felt a pang of guilt, as for a moment, he considered ending the relationship, since this wasn’t what he had seen the relationship to be when he had asked her out in the first place. Unfortunately, what he was thinking must have been written all over his face with a permanent marker, as Mary turned away from him, and muttered,
“You can go if you want.”
He saw this as his signal to leave. A wave of relief washed over him. He felt helpless when he saw Mary cry, and he had learnt that neither hugs nor kisses did the trick. He left her apartment, under the impression that he was giving her space.
Mary heard the door click shut behind him, and burst into tears.


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