Day 51 ~ Spring Cleaning

“Why do you have so much stuff, John?” Mary sorted through piles of things that John wasn’t sure whether he wanted to keep.
“Why did you agree to help?” He shot back, with a grin.
“I have no idea!” Mary whined. “Half of this stuff is pointless!”
“It’s not pointless!” John retorted. “It has memories! Like this bottlecap, for example.”
Mary rolled her eyes. “It’s plastic.”
“I collected these as a child!” John protested.
“You only have one now.” Mary sighed.
“Hmmm… Yes, that is kind of meaningless.” John sighed in response.
She hugged him. “You were so adorable when you were young.”
“Cheap, more like.” John replied, tossing the bottlecap.
“Nah. You were adorable.”


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