Day 57 ~ Friendship bracelets

Mary was knotting pieces of thin, coloured string, one after the other. John watched her intently, amazed at how she could do such intricate work in a calm manner, without being the least bit frustrated.
“There!” Mary said, finally, tying a knot at the end of her work. “I’m done.”
“What is it, Mary?” John asked.
Mary gave him a look. “Haven’t you heard of friendship bracelets before?”
“Of course I have.” John replied, “But I don’t understand. We’re more than friends, you know.”
“I know.” Mary replied. “That’s why the design I did was heart shaped.”
“I like it.” John smiled. “One for me, and for you?”
“No. One for me, and one for the dog.” Mary joked.
“You don’t have a dog.” John smirked. “Nice try.”
Mary wound the friendship bracelet around his wrist and tied a triple knot. “Let our love last forever.”


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