About John and Mary

Name: John
Date of Birth: February 13
Age: 24
Occupation: Liquor store worker
He is a hopeless romantic, who is searching for a girlfriend, dreams of romance, and living “happily ever after.” His search for love means that he has a particular interest in romance novels, and has a large, mental database of cliched (as well as original) pick up lines, most of which, do not work. His job in the liquor store means that he is able to identify liquors that he considers perfect for any “romantic occasion”. He rarely curses, but when he does, he uses the phrase, “Bloody Mary!”, as he thinks this is very funny, due to him working at a liquor store. However, his boss, Daniel, tells him that he’ll one day be fired for it. He treats all customers informally, and jokes with them, making them feel at ease. He has short light brown hair, and amber eyes. He commonly wears short sleeved shirts over long sleeved shirts, and jeans, which looks very casual. However, when he works at the liquor store, he dresses like a bar tender, with a white collared shirt, black suit pants, and a black bow tie.

Name: Mary (Maria)
Date of Birth: April 5
Age: 19
Occupation: Part time bookshop assistant/literature student
She is a quiet, and shy literature student, who also writes poetry on a blog she names, Feli Tales, in which her main persona, Feli, has an active imagination, and gets up to all sorts of adventures. (She even dies at some point, only to be resurrected in the next poem.) Her preferences in books tend to lean towards those of fantasy and adventure, and she has a strong dislike for romance novels, since she considers them to be cliched, and has a knack of guessing how they end without having to read it. (She’s rarely wrong.) She treats customers formally, and with extreme politeness, on account of her shyness, which her boss, Lisette, tells her that she needs to get over. However, many customers have commented on the good service, and the kindness of shop assistants in the bookstore. She has red hair, which she often ties in a low ponytail, and green eyes. She commonly wears an olive green newsboy cap, which she treasures, a green sleeveless, collared dress, with brown zip up boots.


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