Day 57 ~ Friendship bracelets

Mary was knotting pieces of thin, coloured string, one after the other. John watched her intently, amazed at how she could do such intricate work in a calm manner, without being the least bit frustrated.
“There!” Mary said, finally, tying a knot at the end of her work. “I’m done.”
“What is it, Mary?” John asked.
Mary gave him a look. “Haven’t you heard of friendship bracelets before?”
“Of course I have.” John replied, “But I don’t understand. We’re more than friends, you know.”
“I know.” Mary replied. “That’s why the design I did was heart shaped.”
“I like it.” John smiled. “One for me, and for you?”
“No. One for me, and one for the dog.” Mary joked.
“You don’t have a dog.” John smirked. “Nice try.”
Mary wound the friendship bracelet around his wrist and tied a triple knot. “Let our love last forever.”


Day 56 ~ Picnic

“Egg or ham and cheese?” John asked. 

“Egg.” Mary replied, “I don’t like ham and cheese.” 

“But you made these.” John protested.

“Because you like them!” Mary retorted.

John smiled warmly, “You always go that extra mile, don’t you, Mary?”

“Only for you.” Mary replied. 

Day 55 ~ Sweets

Text from Mary (5:15PM): John, I’m hungry

Text from John (5:17PM): Sure, what would you like to eat?

Text from Mary (5:18PM): Sweets

Text from John (5:20PM): Sweets?! That doesn’t constitute a meal.

Text from Mary (5:23PM): Fine. Cake.

Text from John (5:24PM): That’s not a meal either.

Text from Mary (5:25PM): Yes it is. It’s called “dessert”

Text from John (5:30PM): Hm… alright. Don’t mind if I steal some then.

Text from Mary (5:31PM): Be my guest 

Day 54 ~ A seashell

John and Mary were taking a leisurely stroll along the beach. 

“Isn’t this romantic?” Mary asked.

“I thought you didn’t like romantic.” John commented.

Mary glared at him.

John picked up a seashell. “They say if you put it to your ear, you can hear the sea.”

Mary shook her head. “I don’t believe that.” 

“Then what do you believe?” John asked, amused.

“I believe you can hear an echo of the sea.” Mary replied.

“An echo of the sea… I like that.” 

Day 52 ~ Marshmallows

John, and Mary sat outside roasting marshmallows. Mary crept closer to the fire, enjoying it’s warmth that protected her against the cold.
After burning her marshmallow a few times, she finally put it in her mouth. “It’s sweet!” she exclaimed.
John’s marshmallow, which was perfectly roasted, was soon eaten. “You’re right.” he replied, “It is sweet. A little too sweet.”
“In that case, I’ll have the rest of the marshmallows.” Mary said firmly, taking the bag in her arms.
“Hey! I never said that it wasn’t nice!” John protested, reaching over for the bag.
“Too bad.” Mary grinned, holding the bag out of his reach.
“If you don’t give the bag back, I’ll kiss you.” he threatened.
“That’s not much of a threat.” Mary pouted.
“Fine,” John replied, “I’ll kiss you if you give them back.”
Mary reluctantly gave them back, and John leaned over, and pecked her on the cheek.
“That’s not much of a kiss!” Mary cried, strongly dissatisfied.
“You are hard to please.” John chuckled.

Day 51 ~ Spring Cleaning

“Why do you have so much stuff, John?” Mary sorted through piles of things that John wasn’t sure whether he wanted to keep.
“Why did you agree to help?” He shot back, with a grin.
“I have no idea!” Mary whined. “Half of this stuff is pointless!”
“It’s not pointless!” John retorted. “It has memories! Like this bottlecap, for example.”
Mary rolled her eyes. “It’s plastic.”
“I collected these as a child!” John protested.
“You only have one now.” Mary sighed.
“Hmmm… Yes, that is kind of meaningless.” John sighed in response.
She hugged him. “You were so adorable when you were young.”
“Cheap, more like.” John replied, tossing the bottlecap.
“Nah. You were adorable.”