Day 64 ~ Where have you been?

John knocked on Mary’s door. “Mary! It’s John! Open up!”
In a second, the door was whisked open, and Mary fell on John. “Where have you been?” she gasped.
“I’m sorry.” he replied, “I had some urgent business to attend to.”
“Can you tell me about it?” she asked, gently.
“Not today.” John replied, tearing up.
Mary reached up, and wiped away his tears before kissing him.


Day 63 ~ Missed Calls

Missed call from Mary (2:45PM) 

Missed call from Mary (2:46PM) 

Missed call from Mary (2:47PM) 

Missed call from Mary (2:48PM) 

Missed call from Mary (2:49PM) 

Missed call from Mary (2:50PM) 

Day 61 ~ Have fun

“Have fun at work!” Mary cried, as John left

“Have fun?” John scoffed. “Work isn’t fun.”

Mary crossed her arms. “Fine. What do you want me to say then?”

John thought for a moment. “Good luck…. Don’t kill anyone.”

Mary looked amused. “Who would you kill?”

“Good question. Anyone who wasn’t doing their job properly.”

“And who would that be?”

“Everyone except my boss.”

“Good luck.” Mary replied, a smile playing on her lips. “Don’t kill anyone.”

“I love you too.”

Day 60 ~ I know

“I love you.” John told Mary.
“I know.” Mary replied.
John stared at her. “That’s unfair.”
“How?!” Mary protested.
“I want you to say that you love me too!” John exclaimed.
“That’s high maintenance.” Mary commented.
“Say it!” John demanded.
“It’s not love, if you’re forcing me to.” Mary retorted.
“Please?” John pleaded.
“Fine.” Mary sighed. “I love you.”
“I love you too.”

Day 59 ~ In your dreams

“I had a lovely dream last night.” Mary murmured sleepily.
“Oh yeah? What was it about?” John asked, amused.
“You kissed me…” she muttered languidly.
“Is that all?” he joked.
She shot a glare at him.
“I was joking!” He held up his hands in mock surrender.
Mary silently forgave him, and stared into space.
“Was it a good kiss?” he asked.
“In your dreams.” she replied.
He sighed.

Day 58 ~ One chance

“Thank you John.” Mary smiled.
“For hugging you?” John asked, confused.
“No.” Mary replied, “For giving me this chance, when I wasted all of mine.”
“What did you waste them on?” John questioned.
“Stupidity.” Mary answered vaguely.
“Did you have other lovers or something?” John tried to pry, knowing that it wasn’t any of his business.
Mary looked surprised. “Me? The girl who hates romance? Having other lovers? Have you forgotten who I am?”
“You said it was stupidity. A girl who hates romance that’s dating someone sounds stupid to me.” he explained.
“So all this…” she gestured to nothing in particular, “… is stupid?”
“No. Never.”
“Why ever not?”
“Because a guy who likes romance can always change a girl’s mind.” he quipped, with a straight face.
Mary laughed. “Hmmm. Alright. I see what you mean.”
“Mary, would this be your last chance?” he asked, frowning.
“Maybe…”she wrapped her arms around him. “That’s why… I’m not going to let it go.”
“Neither, Mary. Neither.”