Day 59 ~ In your dreams

“I had a lovely dream last night.” Mary murmured sleepily.
“Oh yeah? What was it about?” John asked, amused.
“You kissed me…” she muttered languidly.
“Is that all?” he joked.
She shot a glare at him.
“I was joking!” He held up his hands in mock surrender.
Mary silently forgave him, and stared into space.
“Was it a good kiss?” he asked.
“In your dreams.” she replied.
He sighed.


Day 52 ~ Marshmallows

John, and Mary sat outside roasting marshmallows. Mary crept closer to the fire, enjoying it’s warmth that protected her against the cold.
After burning her marshmallow a few times, she finally put it in her mouth. “It’s sweet!” she exclaimed.
John’s marshmallow, which was perfectly roasted, was soon eaten. “You’re right.” he replied, “It is sweet. A little too sweet.”
“In that case, I’ll have the rest of the marshmallows.” Mary said firmly, taking the bag in her arms.
“Hey! I never said that it wasn’t nice!” John protested, reaching over for the bag.
“Too bad.” Mary grinned, holding the bag out of his reach.
“If you don’t give the bag back, I’ll kiss you.” he threatened.
“That’s not much of a threat.” Mary pouted.
“Fine,” John replied, “I’ll kiss you if you give them back.”
Mary reluctantly gave them back, and John leaned over, and pecked her on the cheek.
“That’s not much of a kiss!” Mary cried, strongly dissatisfied.
“You are hard to please.” John chuckled.

Day 50 ~ A kiss

John, and Mary leaned in toward each other, and kissed. When they finally broke away, Mary smiled at John, and he smiled back.
Her smile faded. “How did this happen?”
He frowned. “What do you mean?”
“How… did you fall in love with me?” she asked finally.
He considered this carefully. Frankly, there wasn’t much to consider, because he knew exactly how.
Mary waited patiently for an answer.
John took a deep breath, and finally said, “I just started thinking about you… and I couldn’t stop.”
She furrowed her eyebrow. “What did you think about?”
“The way you smile, how you’re caring of others, how beautiful you are.”
“I’m not beautiful.” she protested.
“Why are you so blind to your beauty? Haven’t you ever looked in a mirror?” John asked.
“No” Mary huffed, “I’m not that vain.”
Right on cue, John pressed an ornate compact mirror in her palm. “I think it’s about time that you did.”

Day 38 ~ Morning Kiss

“I’m going to work now!” John cried, as he opened the door.
“Wait!” Mary yelled, getting up from her seat, and walking briskly to the front door.
“What is it?” John asked, raising an eyebrow, and smiling.
“Bend down.” she ordered.
He obeyed.
She pecked him on the cheek. “Have fun.”
He rolled his eyes. “Work isn’t fun.”
“Then what should I say?” Mary asked.
He thought for a moment. “Good luck…. and…. Don’t kill anyone.”
“Good luck.” she repeated. “Don’t kill anyone.”